We offer an in-house written valuation service for insurance replacement and probate by our very own vualified diamond grader and jewellery valuer who was trained by the International Gemological Center (I.G.C) in the famous Diamond Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

All valuations are carried out on the premises with the use of modern equipment.

Everything is fully insured whilst on our premises.

Whether you require a valuation for insurance, probate or sale between parties, we can carry out the valuation and provide you with a certificate for these purposes.

For insurance replacement valuations our charges are £25.00 for the documentation and photograph plus 1.0% of the final value of merchandise. Larger valuations by negotiation only. For probates and sales between parties we charge £25.00 for the documentation plus 2.5% of the final value with a minimum charge of £50.00.

Appointments may need to be made for this service.